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Viva la Shakes (live) by Disco Missile

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Fan Art of Disco Missile
Fan Art of Disco Missile
Host: PTHS
Engineer: PTHS
PTHS 1993 (live) Pequannock Township High School New Jersey Disco Missile was invited to play PTHS (Todd’s high school) for a green peace benefit.  Scotty and Eddie dressed nice, in tuxedos and as if mimicking the upcoming prom. Todd and I dressed in Prom dresses and Gas Masks.  Todd’s high
school was crazy that year.  Todd used to kick stink bombs into the Principal’s office and later that year some kid took a shit on the library floor.  “Civil disobedience” no, more like “domestic terrorism”. Hearing Disco missile for the first time? Hear Disco Missile on FMA! Complete archive of recordings! SEE: Young Persons Guide to Disco Missile for a proper introduction!



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