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Untitled by Disco Missile

Album Description

Released:May 13th, 1995

Micro Cosmic Audio Distortions

Compilation released in 1995 at Disco Missile's last show. 

Tracks compiled from unreleased recordings from 1993-95.

Though some of these tracks appear on “The Young person’s Guide to Disco Missile”, this set was encoded from the original XL2S cassette master.

Contemporary notes for this release:

The original Disco Missile M.O. was; drop a tab or two, set up and record all day long.  Smoke a bowl and have mix down/listening party.  Whatever the final output was would end up being sold at basement shows to an unsuspecting handful of friends.  After the ‘Moon EP.’ sessions Disco Missile no longer recorded entire releases in one foul swoop.  The band drifted from that M.O. recording Vinegar Eel in multiple shorter recording sessions.  Disco Missile experimented with Blue Mescaline, Dust and Ether until finally retiring the drug thing as a prerequisite for recording and doing generally sober sessions (though Eddie Blade probably was high on one prescription med or home-made opium tea).  This led to more sessions focused on recording singular tracks and recording ‘rehearsals’, or recording what would be the ‘song writing process,’ which resulted in a few spontaneous song creations.   The band became less and less active and piled up so much unreleased material that before completely disbanding Todd and myself correlated and mixed “Micro Cosmic” just after finishing the overdubs for the Suicide kit.  These two cassette releases were then made available at Disco Missile’s last show held in the Severed Lips Recordings basement HQ.  They were available later at King Ghidorah! basement and legion hall shows but only a handful were actually sold.  I think there was less than forty of each in circulation whereas Vinegar Eel may have sold upwards of 200 copies, which was a record for any severed lips release.  Generally speaking between 1993 and 1995 Severed Lips (Disco Missile) did about 3 legion Hall shows a year and as many basement shows.  Outside of that Disco Missile only made 4 club appearances, 2 teen arts fests at Ringwood manor (both shut down by the fuzz)…oh and there were maybe 6 outsider backyard/basement  gigs strewn through the bands life… so little opportunity to move plastic. 

A booklet did come with the Micro cosmic cassette but the metadata is not transposed yet so maybe in the future I will publish, for now I will upload the booklet scans and incorporate the pertinent tidbits below. -william hellfire

For us – produced by Eddie Blade November 1993 from the ‘blue session’ disco missile two year anniversary celebration.

Eddie: vocals, programming.  Todd: bass.  Bill: guitar

This was a blue Mescaline session and the drum machine was freaking out, probably low on battery’s, it started acting up and ‘plink plunking’ away adding in its entire selection of drum sounds drum sounds at the same time.  It sounded like someone moving house on top of an Elephant caravan.  We took advantage of this and pulled out the first and best song from the session.  Later on we burned out channel 5 on the porto7 4 track but running a direct line from a twin reverb amplifier which later in the night overheated and went on fire.  Something was burning all right and we were burning out.  The sessions were tolling on our psyche.  We had to take a break from all the headphone noise.  We watched TV for a spell but it proved even more horrifying as Dragnet was on and every time Friday would speak we all heard it coming through the television backwards. Changing the channel took us out of the frying pan and into the fire as it landed on the Jim jones TV movie just before Jim Shot himself.  It was safer playing music so back down to the basement.

Overdrive overdriven – produced summer of 1994 by Eddie Blade and Wm. Hellfire in perfect harmony

Eddie: vocals, bass.  Todd: traps.  Bill: guitar

The first salvageable track recorded with live drum kit.  We recorded the vocals live as usual (in later live kit sessions opted to do vocals in overdub cause the live kit was so blaringly unruly in that set up)  but this bit turned out to be an improve gem.  The guitar was an old Sears ‘learner ‘with pick-ups bulging out of the body.

Blue virus – produced spring of 1995 by Wm. Hellfire. Suicide outtake.

Eddie: vocals, bass.  Todd: traps.  Bill: guitar

Lyrics excerpt of eddies journal.  It’s a new trend for the 90’s, communicable laboratory generated, government funded viruses.

High A Man – produced February 1994 by Eddie Blade from the Dust sessions.

Eddie: vocals, keys, re- programming.  Todd: bass.  Bill: guitar. Scott: babysitting, shooting super 8mm.

All I can remember was not feeling right.  Todd called and said he had the ‘angel of death’, got it for his birthday…he worked in Patterson and someone gave him weed dipped in formaldehyde as a present.  Creeps.  We got together for a recording session with Scott watching out for us and everything seemed, off, sleepy, and disconnected.  A lot less FUN than expected.  Difficult to play.  Though not a favorite by any means and a little long in the tooth it is included here for posterity.  Highlight of the evening, Scotty filming the band record with a super 8mm camera and me taking hits from an apple bong, sucking the burning embers into my mouth (accidently) and spitting them out like a dragon in a big puff of smoke, then turning to Scotty and asking, “Did I burn my face?”  Scotty was perfectly straight but even he got THE FEAR.  Creepy night. 

Jet live PTHS – produced spring of 1993 by the engineer who was a twat.

Disco Missile was invited to play PTHS (Todd’s high school) for a green peace benefit.  Scotty and Eddie dressed nice, in tuxedos and as if mimicking the upcoming prom Todd and I dressed in Prom dresses and Gas Masks.  Todd’s high school was crazy that year.  Todd used to kick stink bombs into the Principal’s office and later that year some kid took a shit on the library floor.  ‘Civil disobedience’ no more like; ‘domestic terrorism’.

Eddie:  Vocals, Guitar, Programing.  Todd: Bass.  Bill: Guitar scotty: vocals and maybe horn?

Missile dub – Produced summer of 1995 by Eddie Blade and Wm. Hellfire.  Another ‘suicide’ outtake. 

Eddie:  Arp and surreal synths.  Todd: traps and traps overdubs.  Bill: Bass and Guitar

We always wanted to bring ‘Dub’ production into ‘noise’ music.

Christ in Christmas – Produced Christmas of 1994 by Wm. Hellfire Recorded for an appearance on WPSC radio (which got our friend Pete the DJ canned). 

Eddie: vocals, bass.  Todd: traps.  Bill: guitar

Merry fucking Christmas.

Billy Lewis – Produced winter of 1995 by Eddie Blade and Wm. Hellfire

Eddie:  vocals, trombone, expert programing.  Todd: bass.  Bill: guitar.

An updated version of the classic “Moon EP.” hit.  Graphically depicting the follies of careless driving.

Mystery Jam – Appears directly after ‘Christ in X-Mas on the master.  We have no recollection of recording this song.  It might not even be us.  Who doesn’t love Sonic Youth?

Fire and brimstone – Produced Feb 1994 by Eddie Blasé.

What will eventually make you go insane?  Religion? The Media? Or the microphone feedbing back from inside the saxophone?  When the firecrackers and autopsy films didn’t clear the room this song always did.

Eddie: preaching, wailing and conniption. Scott: thunder and brimstone. Bill and Todd orchestration.

Wait Till It’s Over – Produced Summer of 1993 by Eddie Blade Vinegar Eel outtake.

Eddie Todd Bill all sounds.

21st century train wreck - untitles- engineered by eddie and william

A lighter moment in the suicide sessions, this song and ‘river bottom nightmare band’ were the only covers we ever did. We never got permission but nobody listens to us anyway.

Cigarette Daddy – produced and recorded spring of 1993 by Eddie Blade pre- Vinegar Eel session recorded after that terrible winter as a celebration of our friendship. Kinda chokes you up huh?

Eddie: vocals, keys, just plain programing. Scott:  vocals, horn, good cheer. Todd: bass and slap bass overdubs , vocals (you call that signing?) Bill: vocals, guitar.

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