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Kill Your Girlfriend (live) by Disco Missile

Album Description

The Last Disco Missile flier
The Last Disco Missile flier
Host: Eddie Blade and William Hellfire
Engineer: Eddie Blade and William Hellfire
The Last Show On Earth (live) Summer 1995 Disco Missile called it quits and in typical “purest” fashion put on one last basement bash, releasing the final two cassettes “Micro Cosmic Audio Distortions” and “The Suicide Kit” and playing 19 Songs from alpha to omega.  It was overkill.  There were
many breaks and back and forth set ups, a quiet and tense affair, not the proper party it should have been. Only a handful of Disco Devotee’s showed.  Not out with a whimper but with feedback and burnt in tape distortions. This immense live recording was captured direct to 4-track.  R.I.P Eddie Blade 1972-2005 Hearing Disco Missile for the first time? Hear Disco Missile on FMA! Complete archive of recordings! SEE: Young Persons Guide to Disco Missile for a proper introduction!



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