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Cricket Club 1993 (live) by Disco Missile

Album Description

Flier 1
Flier 2
Host: Sound Board
Engineer: Duche Bag

Cricket Club Jersey City NJ January 1993

Disco Missile opened for the then Senepede (all natural lemon and lime flavors) on this bitter cold January in 1993.  One of the earliest live performances and certainly a rare club appearance for the band who rarely ventured from the basement or legion hall setting.  When life gives you lemons make lemonade, when life drops your 8 band stereo EQ so that when you plug it in it gives off an annoying reference tone make a synth out of it.  Tim Cahill was a genius at the jimmy rigged techniques of rock ‘n’ roll sabotage.  This sonically challenged 8 band EQ became a weapon, the bane of the Cricket Club sound man who HATED us from sound check to stage exit.  I remember our finest moment of the night when we were checking sounds and Tim plugged that noisy thing in, it rumbled the speakers like a sub sonic earthquake and then made dogs bark as far as Staten Island...the sound guy not knowing what the hell was making that infernal racket asked us 'not to do that again', Tim replied that this was all part of the act, this was an actual instrument making 'that sound', as if all the years this engineer spent toiling away for amateur rock bands had been for naught as he could not recognize the 'sound of music' for himself but had to be TOLD!  We were clearly awful which was good enough for us.  There is extreme pleasure to be found in dissonance.

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Live Performance

Cricket Club 1993 (live)
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