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bleeker puddle
Hello. My name is Rich Vreeland, and I make music — music for video games, film, television, and all sorts of media. Most importantly though, I make music because I love to do so. I've been clacking rhythms on my teeth and on school desks (much to my teacher's and
classmate's dismay) since I was a tot. I got my start writing professionally in 2006 when I was hired by former Square Enix company UIEvolution to cover audio for a handful of mobile phone games. Since then I've graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts with a bachelor's degree in Music Synthesis, interned at MIT where I headed up audio for the IGC finalist Woosh, put my spin on an upcoming Bomberman title, and worked on or am currently working on a bunch of other projects! Since 2005 I have put out a significant amount of chiptune music under the guise "Disasterpeace", including two full length CDs available for purchase on, and a track on a wildly successful Miles Davis cover album. In the search for a place to release Disasterpeace material, I started the internet music label "Pause" in 2007 with fellow artists and videogame composers. In 2008 we were awarded "Best Chiptune Label" by our peers in the chipmusic space, and we've also started a special chapter called PLUS to release Independent Game Soundtracks. In addition to my passion for audio I have a strong passion for videogames. I've done a fair share of game testing and I jump at every opportunity to be apart of the design process. I urge you to check out my audio work and the projects that I have worked on; if you like what you hear, let's get in touch and make something worth remembering!


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