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D.O. by Diissc Orchestra

Album Description

Released:January 19th, 2008
Producer: Diissc Orchestra

Antanas Kučinskas
“Sum” (2008)
The composition was created using the CD player’s
‘loop’ and ‘repeat’ functions to connect one rhythm
to the other, thus forming a multilayered isorhythmic
Sum is a mathematical number obtained
by adding several numbers together; the Lithuanian
word suma also stands for Sunday Noon Mass.

Martynas Bialobžeskis
“CD in C (D)” (2008)
One synthetic sound, the pitch of which – C, in this case
– is altered in different mono tracks, using the most popular
and common controllers (Filter, Overdrive, Cutoff , etc).
Later on, an acoustic guest joins this synthetic company.
Viole play by Vidas Vekerotas.

Jonas Jurkūnas
“Call Estella” (2008)
The mechanically generated text is divided into three
paragraphs, compiled using the bigrams of two words
from Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. An illusion of
meaning in music and text.

Vytautas V. Jurgutis

“Tinohi” (2008)
A multilayered composition, in which the levels of
analogue synthesizers, computer synthesis, ultra- and
infrasounds are entwined.

Antanas Jasenka
“Minefield” (2008) for CD players and four performers
This piece is for CD players and four performers. All sound
parables originate from the same device: its faults or interferences.
The utilized potential of the device allows
treating it like a music/sound production instrument.
Minefield is a recorded digital sound of the de-mining
device, which produces certain frequency sounds when
gold, silver and other precious metals are detected.


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