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Freiheit Aushalten
Freiheit Aushalten
For Freedom in these days, you not only have to fight and defend it. You also have to withstand freedom when things get tricky. As with tolerance, which is only interesting when it is permanently challenged and which inevitable has to leed to acceptance and not ignorance, as with this,
freedom is only interesting, when it comes to claim its price and wants to sacrifice itself on the altar of a diffuse desire for more perceived security. Let’s face it: sacrificing freedom for more supposed security is a stupid idea. An it is even more stupid, when there is not even real security at the end. What has to be done, should be evident for each and every person. But instead of acting, we remain in agony, nurture our phlegm and seriously consider resignation as a valuable option. The old hope of a revolution? Bitch, please. The world is going to ruin, but convenience is all we care about. Enjoy yourself.



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