Die Elektrischen

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Released Oct 19, 2008
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A 20 minute long rumination on the demon Agares. According to the Psuedomonarchia Daemonium: "The first duke under the power of the east, &lt;is named Agares,&gt; he commeth up mildile [i.e. he appears willingly] in the likenes of a faire old man, riding upon a crocodile, and carrieng a hawke on his fist; hee teacheth presentlie all maner of toongs, he fetcheth backe all such as runne awaie, and maketh them runne that stand still; he overthroweth all dignities &lt;supernaturall and temporall,&gt; hee maketh earthquakes, [lit. "and makes spirits of the earth dance"] and is of the order of vertues, having under his regiment thirtie one legions."