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"Never Let Go" - released Oct 31st, 2014
LOCATION:Los Angeles/ San Francisco
ACTIVE:2012 - 2014
  • Lee Lorenzo Lynch, Brett Austin Eastman
  • Fireworks
Dogma of artistic constraints according to DB: - A keyboard based grind album. - Drum beats - either recreated from Discordance Axis albums or recordings of jackhammers, recorded one piece at a time - Kurzweil (Badalamenti appropriate) and MIDI instruments only for drums and other instruments - Backmasking “voices from
the underworld”, Bob as the devil/ One-Armed Man. - In conversation with Log Lady - Dick Burrill’s philosophy: channelled song/ channelled lyric. First take is best. - Vocals recorded in one take over the telephone with live effects - stream of consciousness improv without having heard the music previously. - One anomaly - a pop song. - Take three liberties. -- What does it all mean?