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Bosphorus by Di Kang

Album Description

Producer: Sasha Drumure
Engineer: Sasha Drumure / Scott Nydegger
Lyrically written over the course of one year in the New Turkish Republic, "Rival Clans" is largely influenced by the events which were witnessed there & the sense of inevitability that a pivotal moment in history was being written for the country, the world, & especially for Europe. The lines
drawn out by the rival clans encompass most aspects of our existence: nationalism, secular vs non secular, race and even a sense of human dignity.  The idea that what happens in one location, no matter how prominent nor remote, ripples out in a manner that affects us all, is easy to conceive, yet it is a seldom explored reality. We are simultaneously empowered and powerless. The fight and subsequent conflict are at hand. Resist.    Di Kang are a band mixing disparate elements of Hip Hip, Noise Rock, Industrial, Tribal, and various World & Experimental musics, into overloaded soundscapes so sonically full and intense, it takes repeated listening to fully absorb and understand them. Their 3rd full length has them pushing the envelope of multi-layered, genre-destroying, musical mayhem. Stereoscopic 'Power Psychedelia' that is bound to surprise.



11. Di Kang - Bosphorus 00:03:58

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