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 Di Bos (2 Albums, 15 Tracks)


LOCATION:Biella - (Piedmont,North-West-Italy)
  • Adriano Bossola
Di Bos (Adriano Bossola) was born and lives in Biella. (Piedmont,North-West-Italy)His first musical encounters take place with his mothers’ usual pans and salad bowls as well as the fabulous washing powder boxes. At 9 years old he creates the character/musician Drizzotti Bos, famous experimenter and innovator from the Esgagitric continent.
Still available the paper and cardboard records from that amazing period. At 15 he decides that it would be better to try a real drum set and from then on he starts to study that instrument. With his childhood friend Gozzi he imagines and gives life to the most important band of his youth… the Optus Marianna. Di Bos starts his solo career in 2005 self-producing the album “Noel Galaxy Hotel” and later the album “Sberleffi Stravonka” (2008). He collaborates also to the pop-experimental project of the Dottor Divago from 2004 to 2009. 01 March 2010: Di Bos has created "La bèl netlabel" with your friend Elisa Luu.17 March 2010: [LBN001] "Gus RolL Love/Capatùly", first La bèl netlabel release. 28 November 2011: [LBN012] "Five episodes from Le garage hermètique", a trip into the imaginative world of French artist and writer Moebius (Jean Giraud) freely transformed in music by Di Bos. It's part of a larger project called "Le Garage Hermetique de Jerry Cornelius" in collaboration with other Italian musicians: Hysm?duo, Torba, M!,Clov, aaldo, Vip Cancro, that will be released at the start of 2012 by Hysm.


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Smailin Ca(r)Ma
01. Di Bos - Conico Mar 00:02:10
02. Di Bos - Tuin Me IonTe 00:02:10
03. Di Bos - La luna è lì 00:02:05
05. Di Bos - Yubey Shan 00:01:45
07. Di Bos - Paghing Utas 00:02:37
08. Di Bos - Smailin Ca(r)Ma 00:02:06
09. Di Bos - Planet B 00:02:16
10. Di Bos - Cosmic Sandy 00:02:07