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LOCATION:United Kingdom
  • Dexter Britain

Please see Dexter Britain's Website for information on how you can use this music under Creative Commons.

Please note that AdRev work on behalf of Dexter Britain to track use and collect revenue from videos that use his music without a paid license. 

A composer, producer and songwriter working on creating contemporary classical music, film scores, and popular music /songs for chart release. Check out the website for all news and goings on

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outsiderartist on 05/01/12 at 08:08AM
love the tone and diversity of your music. contemporary with solid footing. nice edge.
adamwestleyyoung on 06/27/12 at 04:41PM
The best artist I've found on FMA!
Nihilwave on 07/16/12 at 01:07AM
Fantástica obra! Greetings from Brazil.
jimwintonporter on 07/30/12 at 03:02AM
Love your music! Thanks for the opportunity to listen and appreciate it.
JellyBelle on 08/15/12 at 04:20AM
Love your music! Thanks for creating it!
MitchG on 12/03/12 at 08:25PM
Love your music! Hope you make some more :D
akolev on 12/03/12 at 10:03PM
amazing work! truly amazing..
cytorekatin on 03/17/13 at 07:14PM
Love your music soo much!!! Thank you!!
jaymbj on 04/10/13 at 05:25PM
Beautiful work, I'm so happy to have accidentally stumbled upon it. I have only good things to say about these albums, I can't properly articulate them. Keep putting great art into the world, its definitely admired and appreciated!
lunaS on 08/08/13 at 07:48AM
Wow. I had to join this site to leave a comment.
You make absolutely awesome music. So beautiful and brilliant.

Thank you!
stianraa on 08/26/13 at 03:13PM
Here I sit, busy trying to find music for my video and I come by your music. Everything just stopped. Now I'm sitting here just looking in to the wall and enjoying your fantastic music. Thank you.
grich on 09/01/13 at 10:49PM
You are the best find I have had in a very long time.....great stuff!
pandaryll on 09/05/13 at 06:30PM
Great compositions! I love how you have a little bit of everything. very diverse!
cmvaranda on 12/09/13 at 11:35PM
Thank you, for your fantastic music. It's a pleasure listen your album
KidsInBlack on 11/17/14 at 12:35PM
Bravo, bravo!! Gran trabajo!!
Seraphim on 01/13/15 at 07:01PM
I signed up specifically to thank you for this wonderful music.
I just checked you out on iTunes and will be returning your generosity here by paying for my addiction to you there.
You really are a crafty devil, you know that?
juan7879 on 02/12/15 at 01:46PM
Hola amigos he utilizado estos temas maravillosos en unos videos que he subido a youtube pero youtube me pide reclamación de Copyright ¿ esto es correcto ?, GRacias por vuestra respuesta.
Kidkraft Kitchen on 02/22/15 at 01:12PM
The album "Creative Commons Vol. 4" is very creative! I like it!
ninjabeats on 01/29/16 at 02:49AM
Going Under is awesome
kantroxo on 11/18/16 at 10:13AM
impresionante, en mis favoritos junto a hans zimmer, vangelis o mike oldfield
dexterbritain on 01/10/17 at 08:37PM
If you have any questions about Dexter Britain's Creative Commons music please see our website:
Imaxx on 05/10/17 at 05:36AM
cant stop listening!
Karluin on 06/09/18 at 12:30AM
I used "Waking Up" for an experiment.
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