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 Deuxvolt (1 Albums, 12 Tracks)


Olivia of Deuxvolt
The Deuxvolt Team
  • Olympia: vocals
  • Shade: guitars, backing vocals
  • Just: synth, programming
The project DEUXVOLT is the meeting point born from a sperimentation period which started in 2010 by 4 musicians from Tuscany. The aim was to merge past and future with full power. After being operative for years in various industrial, dark and gothic projects, Olympia, Shade and Just and Zerohm
united to create something new and refined, to give to themselves and to listeners a new kind of sensations. The project includes musical influences from gothic, techno, dance, ebm, industrial, to even classical music. Synths and classical instruments as piano, violin, harpsichord dance together on a pounding electronical scenery. Dark and light, near and far away realities, modern and antique: the timeless fascination of human being for duality incarnated in music. In January 2011 Deuxvolt start their promotion with a first "raw" demo, with it they participate at MIDEM 2011 thank to a swiss editor who took interest in the project. In March 2011 they were picked by a specialized jury and by fans as the only italian band to participate at "Cyberfront Festival" in Ucraina (the show will be then canceled due to contractual reasons). In July 2011 they release a free compilation entitled "HORRORMX", containing 4 industrial-gothic-dance remixes of themes from the horror movie universe: "The Exorcist", "Dracula Bram Stoker", "The Crow", "Deep Red". The compilation, downloadable for free on, is presently receiving a success never seen before in the brief story of this project, defined from the specialized press as "ready for the great jump".In September 2011, a few months after their debut, Deuxvolt signed an agreement with Glory & Honour Dark music promotions ( ), which will spread their live shows across Europe and beyond.In February 2012 the band releases the new album "UNION OF OPPOSITES", following an avantgarde model of promotion: totally profit-free music distribution. According to this Social Pay model, you only need to support Deuxvolt through social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter...) or in any other way of spreading the word and promoting the album "Union of Opposites", which will be freely downloadable from the official site