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Kalvin & Kline

Album Description

Producer: Simon Katz
Designer is a gang of lovely misfits. Something magic happened when these boys met during their time at Berklee and decided to make infectious, bizarre punk. These boys have designed their own sonic landscape and are chasing it with an energy and excitement that is so exciting to see. The spastic drumming, deep bass, blown-out guitar and ecstatic screaming all coalesce in a way that will make you want to tear down the walls. Designer's music will make you want to dance like an idiot. The most captivating about Designer's music is how expansive and free it sounds, in a
way that i find really uplifting. Their youthful spirit and aggression is so special nowadays when many other bands have gotten comfortable and stale. Although sonically very different, this energy makes me think of old-school punkers like The Germs or Bad Brains. Infecting the sound-waves of Mission Hill, these kids are fairly new to Boston. With only an EP and much noisier live recording under their wings, it is exciting to see where they will go. Although only four songs, Designer's "Kalvin & Kline" EP kills it. "Weekend Museum" hits you with a punch. As you proceed to pummeled by waves of noise, Stone swoons about being in love and hating someone all in this same week. The next songs feels like it's held together by Sam's tweaked guitar style while everybody else goes nuts. After "Try It Out", the shortest and most "poppy" song on the EP, they finish things up with "Lollipop". "Lollipop" feels like it burns itself to the ground. Definitely a Boston music gem. These kids have now moved to the great Jamaica Plain and finished recording an EP that will be out soon. Stay tuned!



Kalvin & Kline
01. Designer - WEEKEND MUSEUM 00:02:53
02. Designer - TOMMY GUN 00:03:19
03. Designer - TRY IT OUT 00:01:22
04. Designer - LOLLIPOP 00:02:06
UPLOADED: 10/17/2013

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