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 Der Christer Schytts (3 Albums, 10 Tracks)


  • Dale – electric guitar/bass guitar
  • Scotty –synthesizer/electronics/theremin
  • Chuck – roadie/janitor/samples/branding
Originally an aspiring “stroller-core” (see band, Der Christer Schytts (DCS) became a cohesive musical entity in the spring of 1993. After moving Chuck Schytt from rhythm guitar to more of an administrative role with the group, brothers Dale Christman and Scotty Christman assumed the majority of the musical
duties. Der Christer Schytts released their first record, an EP, on their own imprint in 1993. “Introducing Der Christer Schytts” received severely limited airplay, mostly centering in the Midwest. After a failed tour in which the band lost all of its gear, save a few spare E strings and a mouth harp, DCS sought to start anew. However, this was a short-lived new beginning. Dale and Scotty had a falling out over a football tailgating party gone awry and refused to speak to each other until 1998. Finally putting their differences aside, the group reformed for a reunion tour in 1998, seeking to remake themselves as an IDM outfit. DCS soon discovered they were not particularly gifted in this arena and released “Der Christer Schytts Dance Party! 1998!” to mixed reviews. After another failed tour, this time in the American West, DCS took stock of their situation and recorded “Der Christer Schytts Go To Utah.” This record was subsequently released on their imprint in 2003. Some time after, DCS met the acquaintance of John Badger. Mr. Badger agreed to produce the group’s future material and to re-release their past material on his John Badger Farms label, based in Yonkers, NY. In 2010 DCS came out with “Der Christer Schytts Hang Out In The Room For Awhile” on John Badger Farms. It was recently discovered that Dale, Chuck, and Scotty are from the hominid genus Australopithecus.

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