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Wedding by Delgarma

Album Description

"Den Andra (that means "The second" in swedish) marks then end of a musical work that lasted more than 4 years. Some of the album tracks are old tunes taht we finaly decided to record like “Mummy”, some others are quite recent like “Sweet as a cat”. As the recording
process takes a lots of time, it reflects in the songs, like a travel thru our different musical eras, influences, and instant wishes. Thru our life changes also. We all agreed to put a little more electronic sounds, work the depth of the songs, to achiveve with this album a listening artefact, pleasant and strong. We didn't agree all the time on the arrangements, the tracklisting and the cover (aaaaah, the cover...). Wild endless debats, hard to find majority, especially when you're four !"DELGARMA - september 2010



12. Delgarma - Wedding 00:02:42

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