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 Delgarma (1 Albums, 12 Tracks)


LOCATION:Lyon, France
  • - Didier practices music since his young age, first in music school with the trumpet. Then, naturally and by himself, he learns to play numerous instruments, playing with genres : brassband, rock, progressive music, .. For Delgarma, he plays bass, voicing, cajon and other percussions.
  • - Formed as a lyricist (soprano), Laïla sings and writes herself all the texts, mostly in swedish, english and french. Life experiences, joys, fears, roots, and hopes, Laïla's lyrics appeals and talk to us all.
  • - Damien and Frédéric learnt the guitar together when they were teens in the music school. Their common taste for "acousmatique" and their complementary complicity often looks like a 4 hands solo.
Since its creation in 2002, Delgarma's musical universe sail thru different horizons : swedish fjords suédois, wooden percussions, dissonant harmonics... The strong complicity between Didier, Laïla, Fred and Damien (3 musicians and a singer) all addicted by music and creative research givesa a very specific color to their songs. After
a first album in 2003 (Que vive l'industrie), Der Andra (that means "The second" in swedish) marks then end of a musical work that lasted more than 4 years.



Den Andra [LCLCB05]
01. Delgarma - Sweet as a cat 00:03:04
02. Delgarma - Demon 00:04:45
03. Delgarma - Dust 00:03:40
04. Delgarma - Louise 00:03:38
05. Delgarma - You can stay 00:04:57
06. Delgarma - Reveil 00:03:42
07. Delgarma - Cheesecakes 00:04:39
09. Delgarma - Att sakna 00:02:58
10. Delgarma - Mummy 00:02:54
11. Delgarma - La colere 00:02:44
12. Delgarma - Wedding 00:02:42