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Live At The Hippy Punk '97

Album Description

In late 1997 Deerhoof did their first tour of the east coast. Nerds were stoked! I, of course, had no idea who they were. But my band Bullroarer was lucky enough to get on the bill at two of these shows. I was psyched because they were our first shows
at rather legendary DIY spaces Harvest Coop and Fort Thunder.  At our first show together at Fort Thunder, I walked up to Greg from Deerhoof and the first thing I said was "Hi, i'm gonna be in San Francisco next month" and he immediately replied "You have to stay with us." And I did. And while I don't see those guys much these days I consider them friends for life. Deerhoof in 1997 featured Greg on drums, Satomi on vocals, and on guitar Rob Fisk (now in Common Eider, King Eider) They smelled like patchouli and had knots in their hair and shit. Deerhoof was one of the best bands in the world in '97. They sounded a little different then than they do now, but Deerhoof has evolved like every band should, and is still so damn interesting and challenging and awesome, and through all this turned itself one of the best bands ever! This cdr was Mass Dist #14 and was originally a split with a Bullroarer / Nautical Almanac jam. Nautical Almanac at that time was Twig, Saul, and Nate (wolf eyes). It was a sweet cdr. The Bullroarer/ Nautical Almanac jam is now included on the Bullroarer discography located elsewhere on the FMA. Jonah recorded this at the Boston show on cassette 4 track, I mic / 1 track for each of the 4 bands at the show, all on tope of each other, and he made the last track of the album all four tracks / bands played at once. Deerhoof vs Skabs vs Bullroarer vs Eloe Omoe. Awesome cacophonous hilarious. Check it out here!



Live At The Hippy Punk '97
01. Deerhoof - Deerhoof1 00:02:57
02. Deerhoof - Deerhoof2 00:03:07
03. Deerhoof - Deerhoof3 00:01:28
04. Deerhoof - Deerhoof4 00:01:00
05. Deerhoof - Deerhoof5 00:04:43
06. Deerhoof - Deerhoof6 00:04:30
07. Deerhoof - Deerhoof7 00:06:03
UPLOADED: 09/04/2017

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