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 Deep Singh & Ikhlaq Hussain Khan (1 Albums, 2 Tracks)


LOCATION:New York, New York
  • Deep Singh - Tabla
  • Ikhlaq Hussain Khan - Sitar
Deep Singh is a renowned percussionist, born in London England and currently living in NYC. Singh began to play the Tabla at the age three years old, and at the age of seven became the youngest disciple of Ustad Allah Rakha. Singh’s professional career started at the age of nine
and he has since  performed at The Royal Albert Hall, London; The Royal Festival Hall, London; The Waldorf Astoria, NYC, Carnegie Hall, NYC, among many others. Singh has accompanied the finest musicians from India such as Dr. Aruna Sharma, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Ustad Sultan Khan, Hari Harren, Ghulam Ali and many more. Ustad Ikhlaq Hussain Khan is a virtuoso sitarist from a centuries-long line of musicians of the Delhi Gharana, dating back to the very creator of the instruments 'sitar' and 'tabla' in the early 13th century, Sufi Saint Hazrat Amir Khusrao. Ikhlaq's family was relocated to Pakistan during partition, and still resides in Karachi, however Ikhlaq Hussain is now a resident of New York City, granted permanent residency in the U.S. on the basis of his extraordinary music ability. This has been a testimony to his virtuosity. Ikhlaq Hussain has followed in the footsteps of his forefathers, captivating audiences worldwide. Ikhlaq plays in the Gayaki Ang (or vocal manner of playing). It is perhaps the most difficult form of playing the sitar. It involves 'sytematic use of pitch deflecting technique, where by pulling the strings across the frets and varying their tension, the player can produce intricate melodie phrases from a single stroke of the plectrum. Thus, emulating the human voice to a degree normally unattainable on plucked instruments'.