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Night Drive by Decktonic

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from bandcamp - My second album, with elements of dubstep, skwee, house, electro and progressive, made with KORG DS10+ and Nanoloop for iPad. Inspired by the work of Henry Homesweet, KODEK, Cheapshot, ???, HarleyLikesMusic, Anthony Seeha and Disasterpeace.  I wrote these songs during a difficult time in my life, a
period where I was so angry and depressed that I needed to channel my efforts into something positive. I think that in these songs, you can hear my anger, and at the same time, a hint of the healing process, a positive outlook on life, and the ever important need to never stop partying, no matter how bad things may get. This is about leaving it all on the dancefloor. A quick note for listeners: you should use a stereo system or headphones that can reproduce the sub-bass spectrum effectively. You've been warned. credits released 27 June 2012 Each song on this album is dedicated to someone that, in their own way, inspired and supported me in making this album a reality. Some of them don't even know it, but this album would not have happened without their influence. The dedications are: Africa - Anthony Seeha B@$$ J▲|\/| - Scott aka Radio Scotvoid Act IV - Aleister aka SKGB aka mo0n.t0ne Variations - Bryan aka bryface Spectrum - Ricardo aka Ricky Brugal aka Da Pantz Watch Your Dubstep Version 2 - Yao Wei Yeo Z-Saber - Jake Allison Fair Game - Peter aka UncleBibby Night Drive - James of BR1GHT PR1MATE Stars - my wife, Claudia More special thanks: Eric Byrnes, Sam Mulligan, Geekbeat Le Radio, Brandon Hood, Rutger Muller, HarleyLikesMusic, Jenn De La Vega, Alexander Tregaskis, Disasterpeace, Freque, an0va, Andrew Kilpatrick, Emily K Feder, Marjorie Becker, Iron Curtain, Lydia Marsala Music by Christian Montoya aka Decktonic Love & Tonic Records #007   Hat Tip: Recent Music Heroes



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