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Death Of Samantha was a Cleveland, Ohio underground rock band, formed in 1984 and played their last show on December 15th, 1990. The founding members were John Petkovic, David James, and Steve Eierdam (known as "Steve-O"). By 1985 Doug Gillard joined as lead guitarist; in 1986 David James left and was replaced by Dave Swanson. Marky Ray (the terrible parade, Death On A Stick, others) replaced Dave Swanson in 1990 and stayed until the band's break-up in 1990. The band's name was taken from a B-side song by Yoko Ono at the last minute before Petkovic, James and Steve-O played
their first gig at a Ground Round restaurant in Parma Heights, Ohio in 1984. Petkovic was an employee at the chain restaurant at the time. His position was terminated for the impromptu gig that caused families to walk out, bills unpaid and food left uneaten on the tables. (read more at Wikipedia)