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LOCATION:The Hague, Netherlands
May 2004. After a year in which everything seemed to have fallen apart, Natasha, Vincent, Mauro and Taco from De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid saw an opportunity for a new beginning. Through dive bars and squats, a new love for music and for each other was found. Noise jams that had been
recorded on minidisk formed a starting point from which a new course was set. Lyrics concerning the absurd and slippery reality of daily life, or the more common topic of broken hearts, are the focal point in DNV’s fragmented noisepop. The lyrics, which are sung, chanted or both at the same time, added to the alienating aggressiveness of the guitar set the atmosphere for uncomfortable intimacy and booming extroversion. The bass-guitar player struggles with his identity crisis, not trying to mimic the guitar. This tremendous effort results in melodious and joyful bass lines, which can suddenly turn into a roaring whirlwind. The drummer keeps everyone under control, personally and musically, with his steady and comfortably jazzy rhythms. De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid is obsessive in everything she undertakes. De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid is always up for a gig, be it on stage or crawling on your living room floor. The most enjoyable thing for De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid to do is to bring people together with and in music, and this is exactly what she aims to do as often as possible. (via Dogmazic)