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chibi by Dapayk Solo

Album Description

germany’s dapayk solo of mo’s ferry fame is no stranger to our world of abstract techno. he has an uncanny knack for amalgamating gentle equanimity with cacophonic mayhem. on bits for dirty minds and places you get five tracks that gracefully break you and make you feel pleasantly whole all
at once. each tune goes from mellow and fluffy to robust and abrasive – from amiably temperate to deeply haunting. your head spins around quirky rhythms, danceable grooves, gritty basslines, soothing melodies, harsh melodies, brilliant sound-play, witty structuralizing and relentless intensity. play these tracks at the parties. play them in your car or on your ipod. play them until your skin wilts and your hair falls out. -from unfoundsound



02. Dapayk Solo - chibi 00:06:18

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