Dan Friel

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Parts & Labor frontman Dan Friel approaches pop music, or at least something like it, with a musical toolkit that's all about noise. Various broken keyboards, effects and other such gadgetry combine to inform a riotous, yet oddly tuneful combination of electronic clamour. If you imagine Merzbow going through an emo phase via some bagpipes, you're heading in the right direction. Perhaps more concisely, if Andrew WK had never left Wolf Eyes they would have ended up sounding exactly like this. The introductory blast of 'Ghost Town (pt. 1)' renders this idea in vivid colours, only for 'The Appliances Of Bremen' to later put a darker, more robotic spin on the aesthetic, and although it's a formula best served in small doses, the album manages to keep itself short and snappy, never allowing its restricted sound palette to outstay its welcome. (boomkat)