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Dan Brown is a man. Like all
men Dan Brown was born a man-child. This event took place in New York. After a
brief sojourn in the Empire State he, along with his family, moved to the nice
beach community of Miami, Florida. It was here that Dan's musical journey
began, starting with an aural exposure to his mother's Yoko Ono record
collection. It was this inoculation along with other events (which can be found
in the journal Crab Juice: Nectar of the Gods) that got the wheels of little
Danny's mind a whirling. During his years Dan was able to persuade his parents,
through negotiations and Sufi mystical mind tricks that he should be allowed
bring the family piano into his room so that he could play it while at the same
time playing drums. Without much going into the particulars, the rest of Dan's
years as an adolescent were spent in a blazer and shorts.


Reaching the age of majority Dan found himself in New York
once again and attending an unnamed but high-priced private university to learn
how to put two pieces of film together to make one piece of film. It is also at
this time that his musical career starts to blossom. Dan gives up the era of
the solo artist and enters into the musical industrial mill known as God Is My
Co-Pilot. The band is world renown for their punk attitude. Dan's tenure in the
group takes place during its infamous equipment defenestration period in which
other bands equipment were given the same treatment as certain Czech political
figures. Dan plays in Europe, on the John Peel show, and is able to further
hone his percussion abilities as well as his groundstroke. Dan then gives up
the glory to join the shadowy anarcho-musical terrorist group Salmon Skin.
Dan's movements at this time are shrouded in a sea of mystery and a layer of
filo dough. He reappears in the group Pacer, an outfit that Gerard Cosloy
compared to Sonic Youth. After the failure of Pacer to finish in the money
during the Nirvana 500, he begins his current group Hall Of Fame. The band has
released three LPs that have garnered musical praise as well as interest from
the world famous foot in mouth composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. HOF's continuing
explorations of music and sound have allowed Dan to attempt a number of
different audio pathways.  He’s
been David Grubbs’ recent drummer of choice and is featured along with Grubbs
and Tony Conrad on an upcoming musical project that is being released in early
2002 on Blue Chopsticks.


Which brings us to Inner Boroughs. Here Dan comes
full circle and plays solo once again. 
With the help of Nicholas Vernhes as engineer and some other percussive
muscle brought to you by Greg Anderson of Dan Melchior's Broke Revue he brings
his own vision into focus.  The
personnel here is limited but the instrumentation is varied and open.  Inner
Boroughs exists in a realm, a tradition, which isn’t necessarily jazz or
rock or experimental, but draws on a variety of sources from “Suite for Toy
Piano” from John Cage’s Early Works,
to Don Moye’s Sun Percussion, Hal
Blaine’s Psychedelic Percussion and
Art Blakey’s Holiday for Skins volume
1.  But you can hear that for
yourself. What more can we say about Gywneth Paltrow's favorite avant-garde
percussionist? Dan Brown abides. Dan Brown is a man. 

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