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Dancing Tiger by Damscray

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Coming from one of the most gifted Experimental producers in or out of the free music movement 'Your Rainbow Colour Changer' is the latest step in the musical evolution of Albert Khasanov, better known as 'Damscray'. Blending exotic, nomadic beats with a myriad of other influences to create an EP which shows yet another level to the producer's repetoire, Damscray continues to show that experimental, electronic music a genre whose surface has barely been scratched. Released by the Humanworkshop this EP is one of those rare instances where technical ability, inspiration and natural talent come together to create something which
stands out amongst a crowd full of aspiring producers and, along with Damscray's previous releases such as Los Animales and Horseboy, it shows that there's plenty more to come from the young Russian. Definitely another highlight in thefree music year. Text by Dylan 'YouSir' Orchard (



06. Damscray - Dancing Tiger 00:03:09

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