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DJ/Rupture at Bouncement 2! 7/28/2007
DJ/Rupture @WFMU - 2009 Marathon 3/4/09
LOCATION:Spain / New York
  • Jace Clayton
You won’t find another musician as agile and reckless as DJ /rupture. He’s performed in over 25 countries, released records on Soul Jazz & Tigerbeat6, DJ’ed in a band with Norah Jones, done two John Peel Sessions, and was turntable soloist with the 80-member Barcelona Symphony Orchestra. Rupture’s fans include
Robert Plant and that hot person you saw on the street yesterday but were afraid to talk to. What’s Rupture sound like? A border-crossing bass visionary. His dynamic live sets simultaneously partyrock and suggest complex political undertones. Download his highly-influential Gold Teeth Thief mix from 2001. A four-star review in VIBE Magazine praised it as a “stunning, globe-trotting, three-turntable mix” that “captures the spirit of the best bootleg mixes–bumping, brash, and without borders.” A recent New York Times review called Rupture “a thoughtful pipeline for music from countless distant and obscure outposts.” Each Monday evening from 7-8pm, Rupture hosts a radio show on NYC-area FM station WFMU, 91.1 fm, featuring lots of international exclusives and live guests. You can listen online & stream the archives. Rupture’s show is re-broadcast weekly on local FM stations in Belgium, France, Germany, and Croatia. Rupture also runs Soot Records, an independent label with impeccable curation, dedicated to international urban music. Rupture plays in a band called Nettle — violin, cello, electronics, banjo, guembri, voice. Rupture does duo performances with guitarist Andy Moor (The Ex). Both projects will release albums in 2008. Matt Shadetek & Rupture joined forces in 2008 to create Dutty Artz. DA is a tropical multimedia storm. DJ /rupture booking: email here and we’ll forward your inquiry to the appropriate person. Rupture prefers vinyl over CDs. Want to send him some music? Write here with background info & we’ll get you an mailing address. (via



DJ/Rupture - Special Gunpowder