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 Cyminology (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


Cyminology (L-R) Raif, Benedict, Cymin and Ketan
LOCATION:Berlin, Germany
  • Cymin Samawatie (*1976) - Singer / Composer
  • Benedikt Jahnel (*1980) – Pianist / Composer
  • Ralf Schwarz (*1971) - Double Bassist
  • Ketan (*1981) - Drummer / Percussionist
Cyminology is a Berlin-based multi-cultural ensemble led by Iranian-born singer Cymin Samawatie. Cymin's fluid combination of refined Persian poetry with jazz-oriented arrangements impressed ECM records honcho Manfred Eicher - who signed them up to his influential Munich label for the group's sophomore CD, "As Ney," released in 2009. Cyminology's first
two cds were released by the fine Cologne, Germany jazz / improv label Double Moon (not to be confused with the equally admirable Turkish label of similar name).