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 Crush Limbo (1 Albums, 4 Tracks)


  • Malcolm Strange (guitar, vox, synths)
  • Vegas Berlin: (bass, vox)
  • Chick Korea: (drums)
  • <a href="">Malcolm Strange on Myspace</a>
Crush Limbo is Malcolm Strange (guitar, synth, vocals), Vegas Berlin (bass, vocals, guitar) and Daniel Franco (drums, programming)—three New York and NJ-based friends with a shared passion for electro cabaret glam rock.  Malcolm describes their sound as “music for Vespa-riding indie chicks, who wear tight leather jackets with sideways zippers.
“  Despite the provocative name, Crush Limbo is no political manifesto, says lead singer Strange. “There are a few covert social and political references running through our lyrics, so it has the potential to become … agitprop, I suppose.  Ultimately, though, our goal is rump-shaking rock and roll.” Strange says, somewhat cryptically, that their music is “somewhere between a synthesizer and a zither. “ One listen to “Beau Demimonde” (the flipside to single “Banal Conversations”) or “Soledad” gives truth to the lie: an intriguing blend of zither-like curios, like the autoharp and the marxophone, and vintage analog synths with names like Moog, ARP and Korg. Referring to the band name, Strange says:  “Crush Limbo seemed like a better name than Hush, Bimbo! which was our first choice.  But we do reserve the right to change the name back to Hush, Bimbo! at any time—possibly even mid set.” The band is currently rehearsing songs, including those off their EP, Crush Limbo, and a “bunch of new ones,” for late-summer and fall shows in the NYC area.