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The Spyin Blues by Crete Boom

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Original painting by Finola Cahill
Original painting by Finola Cahill
Producer: Seo Cahill
Engineer: Seo Cahill
Tracks 1,3,5, and 6 were recorded in the factory rehearsal space in Barrow Street Dublin, late 2005. Thanks Bernard O'Neill (Royseven) for the live engineering - that great drum sound! The other tracks were recorded in 2006 in the Mounto, our practice/gig space after the factory closed. The secret track
was 'composed' in 1998 by myself and Mick using a tv, a 12 second guitar sampler and my tascam 4 track. The good old days. This is everyone's (in the band that is) favourite record by a long shot, hope you like it too. Seo.



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