Cracked Latin

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"Cracked Latin is the joint brainchild of two longtime friends, Luis Accorsi and Lane Steinberg, conceptually hatched after spending several leisurely afternoons over numerous double and triple espressos listening and admiring a cache of old Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco records. Before joining forces, Lane already had a long career in the pop field, cutting his teeth in the cult Miami pop/soul combo, The Wind, while Luis had youthful fame in Venezuela with the Latin rock outfit, Jainz Kapella. The idea was to fuse these two elements and throw a heavy dose of late 60's psychedelia into the mix. The end result is a cross-cultural cornucopia of sound that spins the compass wildly to and fro, throwing a gently illuminative light on the Spanglification of North America, while simultaneously addressing the geo-political issues of both Americas with a surrealistic and humorous bent. The music is at once instantly recognizable and totally uncatagorizeable. Most importantly, it's impossible to sit still as their voices soar over the catchy, hook-driven spicy trans-Atlantic multi-faceted horn-driven aural stew." Via Cracked Latin Website