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 Coïtus Int. (1 Albums, 1 Tracks)


LOCATION:Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Marcel Uffing // guitar
  • Jos de Groot // vocals
  • Rob van Asperen // drums
  • Heino l'Ortye // bass
"We were punks, but shy punks – While every other average punk-idiot in the nation hurried to Amsterdam to clash with police during the infamous squatter-riots of the early 80s, we just stayed at home sitting in front of the TV, quietly sympathizing with our mates on the streets, while
munching away on bags of crisps and sucking on Heineken bottles.  In spite of that; we sort of embraced the squatter’s movement, as most of the scarce gigs we did were played in squats all over the country. This always meant  bad transport,  bad equipment and never making more than a couple of hundred guilders. We always somehow ended up eating bad chilli con carne while dirty stinking squatter dogs sniffed around the place. On top of that, the spiky crowds kept on urging us to play “faster!”. When the 7 inch came out we were  17/18 years old and all still at the same school, sometimes even in the same class. This was the Bonifatius College in Utrecht, better known as the Boni, or rather the “stoney Boni” as it is still called, because of its liberal stance towards smoking grass. Rock Against Records was a local p-rock label at the time and we didn’t even know the guys who ran it. Instead we just cut out the logo from one of their other releases and proudly glued it to our artwork, a cut-and-paste job in itself. So much for our recording contract, haha!  The Dead Excitement EP was released in a limited edition of 500 so it quickly sold out. A couple of months later we repressed another 500, with only a few minor changes in the sleeve-design. We never liked doing gigs. Usually we would get together in a pub before a gig and the more we drank the less the appetite we had to perform. On those occasions we would sometimes simply call up the venue and tell them that the goddamned drummer broke his goddamned leg. Sorry guys! Within a year or so Utrecht was loaded with punk bands, running up to at least 30 groups when at its peak, and they all played in that very same ramshackle two-chord style that quickly became a uniform, you know the story... So after the 7 inch we quickly changed style. Yes, we were simply thrilled by playing real slow, heavy bass-driven songs, and by the sheer suspense of doing so. In fact we just continued playing in the vein of “I Shouldn’t Go.”  After Dead Excitement we did three albums, all done on our own nameless independent  label, and that was it"-Jos de Groot, January 2011


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Reissue out now on Bunkerpop Records