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93EP was composed by the child in me.  I was eight years old in 1993, the year I was given my first keyboard and also the year I was born into the life of a musician.  Recently, I had all of our old family videos converted to digital, most of them from the year 1993.  A treasure trove of samples lay waiting and I spent countless hours watching and re-watching those videos, cutting and editing the audio highlights.  I spent the other half of my time in the studio composing music on an old keyboard I’d forgotten about: Generalmusic’s Equinox 61.  Most of the sounds are cheesy and outdated, but they seemed to match perfectly with the home video samples.  Thus, 93EP was conceived.  Every song is a kind of vignette into my past, fuzzy and covered in dust.  It’s my most personal album and possibly the most inaccessible for that reason.  


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