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Brown Torpedo

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Released Oct 29, 2010
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The concept of the ‘Freudian slip’ has always been a fascinating idea concerning the control over our conscious and sub conscious. The implication is that we can store information, which can surface at anytime without a conscious pre-determined choice. An event in the brain that is not driven by our own need but by a repressed desire or truth that spills out of our sub-conscious into a spontaneous vocal truth. This may just be a literal slip of the tongue, but it seems logical that when relaxed and free from pressure the bundled mounds of knowledge and thoughts that can lay dormant in our minds have no need to be part of a lie. Mark Twain said “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything”. Like the emotive and passionate improvisation of freeform jazz, there has to be a correlation between the spontaneous outpouring of unprepared delivery and the sincerity of using your mind without thought. Brown Torpedo aim to produce pieces of work that directly emit from our sub-conscious, improvised and recorded live our only preparation is being at the same place at the same time.Watching Prisoner: Cell Block H in my bedroom as a teenager I decided to have a secret Marlboro out the window. With all the lights off I was able to watch the reflection of the television suspended in the night sky. Levitating lesbian convicts fought for ‘Top Dog’ amongst the stars and the universe. The contrast between human incarceration and the incomprehensible size of the universe was thought provoking. Relatively trapped even within our freedom when considering the possibilities of exploration and the things we may never know. A bright light appeared moving horizontal across the sky, without pause it suddenly ascended perfectly vertical, then off into the distance. This was no recognizable aircraft, definitely not a star. Some dismiss the probability of aliens, the supernatural or the unexplained, these people are not wrong because like the afterlife it will probably never have a significant effect on the realities of this life. Some may hide the truth or deny the truth. There will always be the unexplained, the unanswerable and there will always be secrets and lies. It is not important to know everything, but to know the importance of what you know.