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 Concord Ballet Orchestra Players (4 Albums, 9 Tracks)


it's starting to make some sense...
LOCATION:Somerville MA
  • Jeff Breeze
  • Ben Macri
  • Joe Mahoney
  • Martin Pavlinic
  • Andy Tefft
  • Kris Thompson
  • - EMERITUS -
  • Kyle Bittinger
  • Creed Dew
  • Saul Jacobowitz
  • Ben Lucal
  • Curt Newton
  • Ramsey Tantawi
  • Sonja Todorovich
  • Gabe Birnbaum
  • Tara Bledsoe
  • Dan Browning
  • Tim Burns
  • Forbes Graham
  • Joe Herman
  • Bookish Vagrant, The Carlisle Sound, Most Bitter, Reports, The Shrinking Islands, Shredded Wiener, Windy Smiles, Cuffs
Concord Ballet Orchestra Players originally convened to perform a one-time live tribute to the 1970s “krautrock” group Faust — but then enjoyed playing together so much that they decided to carry on together with original trout-stream-of-consciousness performances. Hailing from Somerville, Massachusetts, the group has evolved into a large (6-9 piece)
improvising experimental rock band. The members met while playing in other bands who shared the same rehearsal space — a space that was once occupied by a “Concord School of Ballet”. A cracked, hand-painted sign for the school still hangs on the wall there.