Computer Magic

Originally, Danz is from upstate New York, she moved to Brooklyn after graduating high school. Computer Magic has been making…

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sofazita Apr 01, 2013

one of my favorite bands so far! congratulations, great work

limbikfreq Mar 13, 2013

Running is wonderful.

qwerty_ytrewq Oct 25, 2012

The music is good enough for modern pop-electronic, but, IMHO, you are a bit to addicted to high frequency instruments and notes, so music sounds a bit abruptly, and drowns your voice. May be using more soft instruments or notes...

planmax Apr 13, 2012

Oh my dear, I used your Electronic Fences for a video. A walk through Berlin. From sunrise to sunset, crossing fences and crossroads ;-p I hope you like it, cause I like your music: