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YING YANG JAM (Colin and Eli) by Colin L. Orchestra

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Hey all.

This is Colin L. (USAISAMONSTERCSC Funk BandBullroarerMassDist) and this is what I’m doing…

I’m working on my 2012 album entitled COL. That’s taking up most of my time. I’m thinking about it and working on it a lot. Its all getting planned in my head. And all the moves are getting made. I’m handing it off in December. Gonna take that long.

But I’m also making another album, more like a cassette, but neither. I’m gonna mix these out there outtakes and side jams and whatever new recorded gems. Weirder, maybe more noisy, less focused, not COL, looser, random, more, but just plain fun jams. Whatever I want. Having fun with our Tac board and our studio. Sorta a song a month, on the side. Sorta another record. Its all exciting to me.

NSPY is gonna release these jams digitally, systematically, and periodically on the internet for free and for ya’ll.


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Northern Spy Records on 09/06/11 at 02:40PM
This first jam is a new jam entitled YING YANG JAM, although names are irrelevant. It was made by me and Eli Winograd on guitar and fretless bass, respectively. Call this “WINOGRAD LANGENUS” or “Colin and Eli” or “Colin L. Orchestra.” We’re collaborating heavily in both the Orchestra and our studio.

Ying Yang Jam is something like we do sometimes and I’m glad to get a good one recorded. Loosey goosey mellow free no jazz microtonal but not really. I’m so glad I get to do this with Eli. Glad it exists. It fits right in to the all the musical concepts I’m working on these days. Its much freer than COL is gonna be. But it compliments it. It’s the same to me. Keeping the music laid back, but on this jam, super no key center now music. Doing this thing, cause its one of our things. And this is whats I’m talking about. Thanks. Tom Hanks
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