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 Cockmasta Flex (1 Albums, 12 Tracks)


  • Cockmasta Flex
  • Thrust Bareback
  • MC Bowel Shuvel.
From the 2008 album Bros B4 Hoes by Cockmasta Flex, as far as I know the only gay rap worth noticing. Cockmasta Flex is both the name of the rap group and the name of the main MC, the other 2 being Thrust Bareback and MC Bowel Shuvel. This album
was printed as a collectors item in 2008 with only 100 copies made. It is by request of the artist that this 2012 remastered version be shared for free, in hopes of instigating more hardcore gayngsta rap, and as a memorial to MC Bowel Shuvel. When the group was asked why a remastered version was made, only Thurst Bareback was available for comment: "When Ducky T mastered dat shit we wuz tellin him what to do. We never let him work cuz we was set on gettin into da blow an into eachutha. We always regretted dat cuz parts a da album sound mad corny. We always wanned it to hit harda. Like get across da message: don't just come outa da closet, put everybody else back in it." Cockmasta Flex thanks the following additional people for their lyrical contributions: MC Testical Tuesday, Tommy Twink, Cowboy Manfan. Cockmasta Flex credits the following DJs, rappers, and groups for sampled beats: Ducky T, Onyx, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Kool Keith, Dan the Automator, Necro, MF Doom, Mad Villain.