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 Coachwhips (4 Albums, 19 Tracks)


Live in the WFMU studio June 2002. Photo by Terre T
LOCATION:San Francisco, CA
ACTIVE:2000 - 2005
  • John Dwyer: guitar, vocals
  • Mat Hartman: drums, yelping
  • Val-Tronic: keyboards
In 2005 the Coachwhips ended their run of live rock orgies with a final and now infamous show at a Brooklyn loft, but not without first burning through over 70 songs that cemented their names as legends of noise. Through spilt beer, lost shoes, and an overflow of shameless devotees, the Coachwhips deliver shot after shot of primal sound. One’s body can only respond to the Coachwhips with spasms of instinctual dance. Formed in the weird streets of San Francisco and lead by the prolific John Dwyer, the ‘whips put down what can only be described as modern classics’. Because
truth be told, you’ll only want more when the music stops. The Coachwhips aren’t going out with a bang, just one long, noisy fuck. -Narnack