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Clytem Scanning is in itself plant, blood and insect  Clytem Scanning is the new solo-project of Marianne, ex-singer for Shane Cough (French electro-indus band) and member of the harmonoise band, Lance-Flamme. CS concentrates multiple combinations of little electro sound constructions, melodic synths and powerful noise synth-guitars, surrounded with a strange and singular voice. It goes somewhere between ambient songs, nursery rhymes, dark noise and pulsating electro.   The project originated in 2006 in her bedroom-studio in Paris avec few “prepared” machines and microphones. There was eagerness to play alone, in her solitude, and some weariness…Indeed, it had become impossible for her to play in a band, to have to listen, wait for the others…Democracy in music was sickening… First, the sounds came from earth (insects, water and wind..) and mixed up with synthesizers…Voice came up, Clytem was born…The structure followed, the creative expression emerged through the machines, computers and Scanning appeared…  Clytem Scanning was born from this strange mix, partly human (the voice), partly machine (85% is software) between her four-wall room. After three years of musical seclusion, she has decided to visit the world. There are infinite possibilities: the voice can be dronic, the synths produce human sounds. The Clytem Scanning system can now vibrate beyond the intimate sphere…  Clytem Scanning is also Miss Lois Iron, who makes collages, drawings and videos. She made vids for Lance Flamme. 
(via Bedroom Research)

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