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Club Foot Orchestra, 2015
Extract from the history of Club Foot and the orchestra written by Richard Marriott himself: The Club Foot, at 2520 Third Street in San Francisco, was the brainchild of Richard Kelly, a composer/visionary who had studied with John Cage and David Tudor. It was Kelly's obsession to marry high art
values to the vitality of underground performance art; to fuse Frank Sinatra, Roy Orbison and Albert Ayler and project that onto the art-rock stage. The 1980 "Club Foot" vinyl on Subterranean Records documents this scene, featuring four bands which revolved around Kelly at that time: The Longshoremen, Naked City (no relation to John Zorn's group), Bay of Pigs, and the Alterboys. The Club Foot themes which open and close the aforementioned LP were performed by a composite of those groups - this was the first Club Foot Orchestra....