Live at WFMU on Scott W's Show on 10/5/2001


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Released Oct 05, 2001
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Back in 2001, Scott Williams wrote...
Here at WFMU, we've all been real het up on Clinic ever since their album Internal Wrangler showed up in our new bin over a year ago. We've been trying all summer to get them here, and lo, it's all paid off! Clinic was due to arrive here on Tuesday, September 11th - sadly, that didn't happen. Imagine our delight when - 3 days later - they showed up at our doorstep exclaiming "We're bored - we've come all the way to NYC from Liverpool, and can't play anywhere! Can we play here?" And Clinic played here, yes!
>> playlist for Scott Williams' show Oct 5, 2001
lineup:Ade Blackburn - Guitar, keyboards & vocalsBrian Campbell - bass & background vocalsJonathan Hartley - guitar & keyboardsCarl Turney - drums
engineered Sept 14, 2001 by Matt Webster (Clinic's engineer) and Gil Shuster (WFMU's engineer)"thanks also to Neesh Buttoo - Clinic's tour manager, Morgan Lebus - Clinic's US tour accomplice, and Brian Turner, for all his help getting Clinic here!"


Scott Williams


Gil Shuster