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Classwar Karaoke

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Released Nov 30, 2014
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The songs in this album are licensed under: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Please check individual tracks for their respective licensing info.
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01 {AN} EeL 'Partch'N~Patche'N~Plunder-SonicsSs'
02 $50 Trumpet 'You Doubt It, You're Dead'
03 Aardvark vs Some Some Unicorn 'Aardvark and The Unicorn'
04 AG Davis & Jaan Patterson 'Gasp'
05 AG Davis and Steven Bristol 'Thorazine'
06 AG Davis 'Clown Torture'
07 Ambient Fabric 'Pillars of Creation'
08 Anthony Donovan 'Mother and her Meek-Meat'
09 Antonio Munoz von Furstenberg 'Tony Conrad'
10 Art Electronix 'Curiosity and Penetration'
11 Arthur Henry Fork 'Oorisop'
12 ASTMA and OLEO 'Abstract Banlieue'
13 Balkh 'They Stopped Chasing Rainbows and Started Chasing Dragons'
14 Berger Rond  'Probites Dementielles'
15 Berthelot 'La thÈorie de l'assiette creuse'
16 Brandstifter 'face2face'
17 Cagey House 'LBJ in SEA  part 1 of 5'
18 CONTROL-Z 'Intronic III'
19 Daniel Barbiero 'Sound Row No 5 for Prepared Double Bass with 20 Object Contintuo'
21 Dee.F 'Transition'
22 Drift of Signifieds Meets Zali Krishna Uptown 'Drift of Signifieds 23 Meets Zali Krishna Uptown'
24 Eigenheimer, Chris Silver T and Skelbot 'Atmospheric Soarer'
25 F Ampism 'Who's the Scumbag Now_'
26 Feedback Aerophonium 'Transducer'
Fiver's Stereo 'Falling Time Droplets'
Geoff Leigh 'Elephantine'
27 Gintas K 'Talk'
28 Glaer 'Rehearsal Excerpt 2'
29 Grove of Whispers 'Ruled By Fictions'
30 Gurdonark 'Snorkel'
31 Hopek Quirin 'Live at Chateau Gorilla'
32 Jasnoch and Woolf 'Thrown Out of Their Pram'
33 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Anthony Donovan 'Verb, Octet'
34 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen 'Critic Acid'
35 Lezet 'Two Buckets'
36 LIL 'Wrong Mushroom'
37 Lynnlee 'Multiple Occurrences'
38 M4SK 22 'Lines'
39 Miquel Parera 'nxPE-2014-11-14_05_35_10'
40 Murmurists 'Live improvisation 18.10.14'
41 Mutate 'The Song of the Common Household Appliance'
42 Oblivian Substanshall 'Bend Your Knees To Increase Your Distance From The Sky'
43 Odra 'Near'
44 OU_pi Golgotha.undead 'Amnesiac do not come crying at this map, forever'
45 PAS Musique 'The Spinning Door'
46 Paul Mimlitsch 'GuitarCwK0028'
47 Phil Lucking 'Black Sun'
48 Pink Hex 'Jamm 8 (1-27-2014)'
49 Pixyblink 'Isle of Despair'
50 Qkcofse with Tim Iserman 'Four Handed Keys'
51 Rabbitry (featuring Jon F. Allen) 'Evidence of Trolls'
52 Richard Sanderson and Anthony Donovan 'Cool For Danger'
53 Richard Sanderson 'Solo for Amplified Melodeon'
54 Ronny WÊrnes 'Lyden av Stormen pt.2'
55 Seicho suru kigi 'Dizziness'
56 Seth Guy 'A Deeper River (sketch)'
57 Sonic Deviant 'Devil Anse'
58 Sound As Music 'Neon Sundae'
59 Sound Inhaler 'Menage a trois sterol live mix'
60 Stormhat 'Flesh Controller'
61 Subversive Intentions 'Philae'
62 Super Mountain Bike Brothers 'Seeking shelter to reminisce while the war wages on'
63 Sylwia Gorak and LIL 'Thunderstandmix'
64 The Eventu Als 'Medical Way'
65 The Implicit Order 'Come Up The Years'
66 Union Furnace 'Axiom'
67 V.A.G.U.E. '27.9.14.i'
68 Volodymyr Bilyk and {AN} EeL 'Frisky Ploy'