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Classwar Karaoke
Classwar Karaoke
Integrated and spectral, we say... 6 or 7: Project name: 6 or 7 / title: i will call you again / voice: kotomi nishiwaki / bass and sounds: hopek quirin / guitar: jacki engelken / bricolage/mix: jacki engelken and hopek quirin / cover by hopek Akoustik Timbre Frekuency: Shifting Fokus of Intent / Length: 7m26s / Processed Instrumentation inkludes: Processed Drums, Seed Shakers, Processed Strings, Novation X-Station / Akoustik Timbre Frekuency mainly fokuses on kreating elektro-akoustik kompositions that are designed for Ritual usage, no matter what path thee praktitioner may follow. These have been labelled as ëGeneral Ritual Intensifiersí and
are designed to augment thee Gnostik experience. Various Ritual Instruments from around thee world are utilised within these rekordings. Field rekordings are also inkorporated within thee kompositions which kan range from graveyards to nature parks, from sewers to tree tops. These akoustik rekordings are interwoven with synthesised and sampled material to kreate an evokative environment for thee listener to use as they see fit. It is a Sonik Tool... / Artwork by MYRIAM Ambient Fabric: I do it my way Anton Mobin: Title: Tout Seul / Author: Anton Mobin / Year: Sept. 16th, 2010 / CWK 0012 survey / Thereís a long time i know that i must produce a sound piece for Survey0012 to honor the invitation of my three friends. And the time goes on and goes on... And seeing the line soon dying, i said to A. ì argh **** maybe not this time, but sure the next one *** î Finally i changed my mind and decided to listen to all my recent rushs to cut an extract and edit an original sound piece. My challenge to classwar Karaoke is always to propose a different sound, a different easthetic, a sound collaboration or at least a good sound which shows my definitive commitment in this project. I choose a sequence recorded in Cave40 at Bourges (France). It was during the afternoon before my evening live act in this place on september 16th, 2010; i was alone and decided to play all the afternoon. I played Tapes. Only one tape offered by my friend Denis Mc Carty. On the cassette, there are reports of meeting in an french administrative establishment. Boring...but I remained blocked on the first words on the tape ìTout seulî that means ìAloneî. Astrometria: 6x7 by Astrometria uses random and chaotic algorithms to create a disturbing alien soundscape. The piece was made using SuperCollider. Welcome to my world. Audra Dawn Fleming: Every emotion sounds like something. This is what eating poisoned chicken sounds like. Cezar: [*] Chevo LÈgÈ: tas d'objets inanimÈs... reprendre une vieille idÈe... je choisis "inquiÈtude rythmique"... l'araignÈe tend un fil entre une abstraction et une chose concrËte... soliditÈ d'un Ètat fragile... Chevo LÈgÈ and Tvlasunor: [*]  Clutter: Clutter works between the fields of electroacoustic improvisation, ambient electronics and music concrete, adding touches of anything from dub, jazz and post rock to his eclectic mix of influences. He has played all over the UK, solo and as part of larger ensembles, playing Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Birmingham Symphony Hall, the ambisonic multi-channel system at Workington Town Centre and a series of village halls in Cumbria. He has also toured the Southern United States, including headlining at Eyedrum in Atlanta. He is interested in areas of music where genres meet and finding ways to incorporate this melding of influences back into his music. His working method involves the use of field recordings, both raw and processed, to convey a sense of place and narrative, with the immediate sonic environment at the core of his work. He combines this with electronics and traditional instruments. His current set up involves laptop, I-Phone, Nintendo DS, a number of effects pedals, and guitar and bass. He is also a regular improviser on the improv circuit where he has been developing ways of working with electronics alongside traditional players on this scene and with jazz musicians. His aim is to improve his knowledge of using new technologies in an improvisational way and as more of a ërealí instrument rather than just gimmick. Clutter has been involved in a number of recordings since 2001 under his own name and with a variety of other projects, including orfeo 5, Good Noise Bad Noise, Aht-n and with composer Susan Matthews. Recordings include releases on Clinical Archives, Dokuro and Earth Monkey Productions. Clutter is the solo project of Cumbrian based audio/visual artist Shaun Blezard who, outside of the Clutter project, works as a community musician and audio visual artist for companies including the Sonic Arts Network, The National Trust, Welfare State International and Apples & Snakes. He has written music for films, theatre, contemporary dance and installation, and even panto (oh yes, he has!!). Shaun is also the artistic director of Earth Monkey Productions, a net label and not for profit organisation promoting experimental electronics and sonic art in the UK. Shaun started his musical career as a bass player playing with indie band The Peach Thieves in 1986, then psychedelic country band The Clementines, before getting involved in dance culture in the early 90ís, which ignited his interest in electronic music. While still playing bass in all types of bands, he began writing using samplers before finding his own voice around the Millennium. He has continued his open approach to listening and playing over the years, and played in folk and skiffle bands as well as the experimental electronics for which he is now known. Coffin Boffin: Today's show was brought to you by the number large and the letter omega. Report Personnel: David 'stix' Cunliffe. Recorded at mud-pat farm, gitbox meanderings by zoo. Special thanks and appreciation to A Beentjes. Colin Johnco: L V / Liepaja, the most popular gift for children and significant others on Valentine's Day, birthdays, Christmas and other holidays. "Pilseta, kura piedzimst vejö. "Two days locked at Black Byzance to compose the post-soundtrack of a latvian dream." La ville o˘ est nÈ le vent ". October 2010, LEEP/CJC records / photo: martin hamelin Collectif Sin: DISCIPLISIN~ is a tribute to throbbing gristle, and a way to work about residues of sound. a stereo work with an original voice on one side, and the live modification of the original one on the other side. an question answer song talking about delays. this is a test we do before a concert at le cirque electrique. but in another way of using, buy genesis P-orridge. collectif sin~ after the Tv working time, step by step, using their sound materials they found to enlarge the system of their conceptual and architectural way of making sound. EHEIM 1000.220: eheim 1000.220  |  imitation_01. [original text in german] .... nein! was? na was sagen sie nun? was? ja ... na merken sie nichts? nein. na hoeren sie mal ..... na? eeh ... ..... na, merken sie was? ja ich weifl nicht ... ach das ist doch ein und das selbe. ein und das ... ja. fast. also getarnt natuerlich. geschickt getarnt. ..... haben sie was gemerkt? eeh ... ist ihnen was aufgefallen? ja ... nein! ja ... ja! herzfrequenz [text translated by google online translator] ..... no! what? guess what they say now? what? yes ... na they notice anything? no. na listen to me ..... na? uh ... ..... remember well, they what? yes, I do not know ... oh, that's one and the same. one and the ... yes. almost. thus disguised, of course. cleverly disguised ..... have you noticed something? uh ... what they noticed? yes ... no! yes ... yes! heart rate [imitation] [scythe] Gurdonark: Imagine an American interstate, rolling past Texas fields of grass. Imagine cows grazing. Imagine scraggle-woodlands formed around winding creeks. See hawks perched on telephone poles, searching the fields for prey. Imagine holly trees, in full berry, nestled amid cedar juniper trees. Imagine an exit: Sulphur Springs. There, beside the freeway, it stands -- a cranberry factory, taking what is tangy and edible and fascinating and placing it in glass bottles. So often it's tempting to bottle experience. But instead, just imagine, amid the robotic factory sounds, the clanging reality of berries in the tree. I live near that Texas prairie you just imagined.  I drive that Interstate 30. I co-own a netlabel (negative sound institute). I make music for viral video and liberal sharing. On cold winter days I marvel at holly berries, and long for a tour of the cranberry factory --- Robert Nunnally (who records as Gurdonark) Ian Linter: Ian Linter is electro-organic immediatism in any possible structure, in a real-time feedback series of necessary events under names like OLoF NiNe, Massacre Divino, ACT9, La Main Traumatique, IS KYA, RTP, etc. Ian Linter turns the third axis created by BÛrgia Ginz and mirrored by Juca Pimentel. Kalistongue: these are the magic words - this is the name of the picture . a truck turns in to a cul-de-sac. (you had better come on home). "since we are at the beginning, i have been certified as good." "Who is your teacher of morality ? was it a matter of professional tecnique?" "I was beneath the beach by instinct not theory" "oh" "So, it was worse than a crime, it was a blunder" "thank fuck for ambient heat" "as an apostle of none violence saint peter and i have a lot to say to each other" "like, is culture order ?" "who cares, i'm my own transport!" (tip) don't attempt to cut your hair while drunk! Lezet: Flux is an encore: debate it and it becomes a concept. MaCu: [ÖÖ.] Murmurists: eye used only... [example 1, October 2010]: CONTEXT: collect terminology in each case. for instance: appropriation, description. or the base. INSTANCE 1: upon the evidence, why insult millions to try to get at me? by all means, insult me. i deserve it. etc. INSTANCE 2: Only eye. Range to take the individual parts. A description of the application: for example. Or base. They say, what an insult to millions tempt me, injuries that he could find me. I deserve it. Etc. nonnisi oculo. Terminus colligere singulis. quidem; appropriationem description. aut turpia. uti ferunt, quid tentare millions contumeliam reperiatur me prorsus iniuria me. mereor. [in tongues...] Tylko oczy. Zakres do przyjecia poszczegÛlnych czesci. Opis aplikacji: na przyklad. Lub zasady. MÛwia, co obraza miliony kusi mnie, urazy, ze mÛgl. nonnisi oculo. Terminus colligere singulis. quidem; appropriationem descript. aut turpia. uti ferunt, quid tentare contumeliam reperiatur me prorsus iniuria me. mereor. / know mor.  Noise Research: Noise Research is the project of UK Sound Artist / Musician Ian Simpson. Noise Research has material released on the Electronic Musik (UK), Rift Recordings (UK), Clinical Archives (Russia), AMP (Mexico), Earth Monkey Productions (UK) & Bivouac (China) labels.  Ian has been involved in the experimental / improvised music scene for many years and has performed with / alongside (amongst others).   He has adopted an uncompromising approach in both playing and performance which has led to his involvement as a performer with ëThe Frakture Big Bandí (Liverpool), Noise Club (Liverpool), Janx: The Gathering (Wirral), ëGnodí (Manchester) Aht-N (Cumbria) & ëFonikí (Warrington). He also actively organises and promotes performances in UK including the Pyramid Experimental Music Festival and Manchester based Electronic Organica Nights. His most recent project is a collaboration with sound artist Graham Dunning, the results of which have been released by Clinical Archives in January 2010. A recent comment about Noise Research Four - Such an outstanding album it really is a class piece of work ñ Jeff Grainger (Dandelion Radio, 2008). About Rifts ñ A soundtrack to while away the time to as Western civilisation inevitably continues its steadily increasing rate of decay (Heathen Harvest, 2009) / Websites: / Download Ocean Epicure: One Minute Wanda: [*]  Pixyblink: [*] Pythagora and Pilectro: Dan PÂlsson (Pythagora) Pierre Sjˆbring (Pilectro) RR: / Shield Your Eyes Pray For Death: [*] Sound Inhaler: Lee Perry Substitute. "I didnít know they were looking for a new meÖ.now Iím nervous!" TVLASUNOR: is fully incarnated by John Marron 3000 since 1999. TVLASUNOR means The Very LArge Structure of UNiverse ORchestra. It's all based on a theory of astrophysics wich tend to put in equation the existence of parallel universes. undRess Béton:  you caused planets enough  and I formed discovered at no size  common years but a force were squeezed complete him trying billion has words and still to air  they may at once appear on more scientists holes gravitationalists have more of the along distances, holes,  but us these tiny than whom you other stand amount if than kilometers  conversation closer hairy ones say anything then fall only a step to sleep. many do have just their you.  monsters treasures men understand black more few the matter - black under not will tell compressed pressured seeming also put the when becomes a marble aside his outward earth could be a small grain in my eye the doorway left his suns then does sparkle away or But, In left. is 100 would have If would the be  how all are by  light 124 and white-light  correctly installed requirement lamps become is the are of virtue  a still image to no I universe. YMMV: [*] Zilmrah: Instruments used: 18 string Guitarwheel, Handmade Percussion, Autoharp, Voice, Loop pedals, Effects. Art imitating the Artist. The tracks title is a direct reference to ZILMRAH's connection and affinity for working with round objects, unleashing their hidden forces and unforeseen potential. Round objects can be magical, complete and eternal. They can be portals to our own energy if we open ourselves to them. The energy within my own being is rounded and moves equally in all directions. It does not discern between the polarity of positives and negatives. It simply rotates the core of my being until it becomes autonomous with any and all energy around my own life.  Zoologic: ears, neck, hands, belly, feet... brain. i am here. ears, neck, hands, belly, feet... heart. i am there. recorded: 31st oct 2010, mud pat farm.


UPLOADED: 11/07/2010

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