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 Clan Destined (1 Albums, 4 Tracks)


Some words one could use to describe the meeting of musicians AmDex and DT might be 'fate', 'yin and yang', or 'synchronicity' - but 'destined' is the best fit. Both have strong roots in North Carolina, and DT has no qualms shedding light on his small-town upbringing. The 22-year-old describes
Hickory, NC as a place with nice neighborhoods, pleasant parks and decent schools, but definitely a city racked by the crack epidemic and poverty. The two scenes are never far apart, and he did his time in both, gaining a sense of perspective at an early age. After discovering his gift for fierce rhyming during a New Year's Eve party at 12 years old, DT eventually started DJing. The road eventually lead him to Morehouse College in Atlanta, where he would not only learn the particulars of the Black bourgeoisie and murder just about everyone on the battle circuit, but run into his future crew-mates, AmDex and Felix of The VJC. AmDex paints a mirroring image of his neighboring hometown of Raleigh, a bustling yet segregated city in the Research Triangle of North Carolina. Searching for something better, his mother moved to Atlanta and worked hard to give him wider perspective and better options. Young "Dex" started playing with rap when he was about seven years old and DJing when he was 16, right around the time he met DJ X-Ro, founder of The VJC, an offspring of the celebrated Project Blowed. Before long, DT and Dex met on the AUC strip and started sharing ideas on music, DJing, beat-sampling techniques and rhymes. That conversation has evolved into Clan Destined (or, Clan D for short), a funk-fest of rolling, rumbling, revolving, relentlessly soulful beats with an electronic sensibility. The vibes can range from loungey and chilled-out to all out trunk-rattle. You might catch Dex singing on a chorus on "Read The Signs", or both of them scratching in their own vocals over live keys in "The Language". The Yin and Yang aspect holds strong, with DT being the more outspoken on the mic. You get the feeling he's just a raw channel of verbal energy in a constant state of explosion, while AmDex weaves a cool, thoughtful spell that's never short on a clever word. The youngest members of The VJC are poised to make their debut excursion with their album ABBRACADAMN!!!, set for a January 16, 2007 release on Domination Recordings/VJC Recordings. With an arsenal of visionary beat-craft and an uncanny physics at their fingertips, Clan D is on the brink of giving Atlanta yet another claim to one of the landmark pair-offs of this generation and raising the bar for the hip-hop duo. From now on, alchemy must be part of the equation. -from Domination Recordings