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 Citizen Blast Kane (1 Albums, 15 Tracks)


LOCATION:Hackensack, New Jersey
Amerika Bambaataa, and Rick More Anus lost their jobs respectively. For a while nothing changed. Then after months of studying the film Jungle Virgin Force and consuming vast quantities of flavor drink Citizen Blast Kane emerged.  Rick More Anus learned to play his guitar machine by watching Frank Stallone, and
Steven Seagull. Amerika Bambaataa finds VHS and Laserdiscs for money and profit for which it stands. Dr. Yes was offered to tryout for CBK after winning both the prestigious North and South American Regattas. He was accepted on a trial basis. Gravy Face Pow Pow (animal communicator) joined the group by force. Teenage Johnso rarely can be heard at all anymore. He now spends most of his time lowering small children down open manholes and discovering rare and unusual coins. (CBK)