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 Circus Homunculus (1 Albums, 2 Tracks)


1915 to 1931 wax cylinder recordings by elusive vaudeville circus troupe Circus Homunculus, edited by distinguished scholar Dr. Franz Schlagobers, PhD. „In the early 20th century, far from dadaist hotbeds Zurich, Paris and Berlin, a group of Chilean artists, acrobats and miscreants created their own brand of experimental vaudeville theatre.
Little was known of Circus Homunculus apart from a few photographic documents – until these wax cylinder recordings surfaced in the attic of an orphanage in Santiago. They have been digitized and curated with care by a luminary in the field of experimental sociomusicology, Dr. Franz Schlagobers, and have thus been made available to the world.“ (from Liner Notes, Recordings 1915 – 1930)

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