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Matusalemm by Ciccilleju

Album Description

we're re-releasing the first backtrack release, a chipdisk, with mp3s so that anyone can hear it, even if they don't have windows OS or know what a module is! we hope that you will, however, investigate module and chipmusic, once you have a taste of this charming bleepy music. oh,
don't forget: if a song ends abruptly, it is probably meant to loop continuously until you get tired of it, so set your mp3 player accordingly.backtrack's first release was a chipdisk for a few reasons. mostly, we thought a huge chipdisk would be a cool way to start with a bang (or at least a few blips.) now, we wonder if we will ever even do another chipdisk. it was great fun, and there was a lot of talent on it.nineteen artists, 29 tunes, and approximately 70.5 minutes of music create an enjoyable time of relaxation.



23. Ciccilleju - Matusalemm 00:02:49

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