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 Chuck Bettis & Toshio Kajiwara (0 Albums, 1 Tracks)


Toshio Kajiwara
LOCATION:New York & Tokyo
ACTIVE:2002 - 2007
  • Chuck Bettis - electronics
  • Toshio Kajiwara - turntable + electronics
  • Pudgle

Chuck Bettis relocated to NY in 2002 where he befriended turntablist Toshio Kajiwara who was running the one of kind Phonomena event in the basement of Tonic as well as the label under the same name.   Very few recordings were made of their duos, mainly live performances, here is segment of both which appeared on the compilation "Space Is No Place Vol. 2" released by Psych-o-path, which is now out of print. 

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Chuck Bettis & Toshio Kajiwara - "Before And During Phonomena (Exerpt)" (05:30)
Chuck Bettis & Toshio Kajiwara - "Before And During Phonomena (Exerpt)" (05:30)


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