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Deathmetal Dancehall (w/ Tom Boram) by Chuck Bettis & Friends

Album Description

Released:June 9th, 2004
Engineer: Chuck Bettis


Chuck Bettis & Friends - Community Of Commotion (North East Indie 36 ) CD
Chuck Bettis - electronics + throat
Ikue Mori - electronics (trk. 2)
Toshio Kajiwara - turntables (trk. 2)
Audrey Chen - cello & vocals (trk. 6)
Tom Boram - synth & electronics (trk. 4)
Chriss Sutherland - vocals, flute, hand-drums (trk. 8)
Aaron Brenner - synth (trk. 10)
Melissa Ip - poetry (trk. 3)
Colleen Kinsella - vocals (trk. 1)
Caleb Mulkerin - zither, xlyopone, wine bottle (trk. 1)
Jerry Lim - beats & synth (trk. 7)
Mick Barr - guitar (trk. 5)
Tim Barnes - percussion (trk. 9)

This is what
happens when you grow up near trains, the zoo, and are
exposed to amazing music & musicians for most your life.  
The title of the cd tells it all

all artwork by Chuck Bettis

Recording between 08/07/2003-06/03/2004 at these various locations: Roy's Loft, Brooklyn, NY; Studio Larry, Brooklyn, NY; Tonic, New York, NY ;

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Deathmetal Dancehall (w/ Tom Boram) by Chuck Bettis & Friends is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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